The legalization of medical marijuana leads to the fast pace of booming cannabis and CBD dispensaries in the United States. Many patients that have a cannabis or medical marijuana treated disorder are slowly being allowed to have access to their medication, all one must typically do is apply for a license card proving that they are really in need of that kind of treatment or medication.

Medical Marijuana

Due to the number of patients that need medical marijuana treatment, amount of businesses that have been licensed to grow and sell cannabis or cannabis infused products has also skyrocketed. In some of these areas, patients can grow it themselves, so we can really expect that the booming or growing of this industry will not be slowed.

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We have seen in some states after about a year of medical marijuana and/or CBD legalization, the industry earned millions of dollars and the government also reaped the benefits of the taxes that this industry produces.

The cannabis industry is growing fast because of the demand, as research continues to show that medical marijuana can cure a lot of medical conditions*, that’s why there are a lot of patients and consumers for it, and they are willing to buy it to experience what some would call a normal life.

The Downfalls

Some burglary in medical marijuana dispensary has been reported alongside this fast growing industry. This will be the downside of the industry in the coming years, and it has already started. The regulation of this industry might not be as effective if some businesses out there are looking to just earn some money by selling the products that they stole or obtained on the “black market.”

The United States is one of the few places that is experiencing the benefits and downfalls of this ever evolving industry and we are pioneering many different methods, procedures and regulations that will eventually help this industry sustain itself federally in the long term. That being stated, it’s exciting that we are only really eight years or so into the inception of state wide legalization of cannabis and have come along so far, so quickly. Buckle up for the next few years and enjoy the ride of this exciting and beneficial movement in America and across the world.


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