Practically every type of business in this era needs, and has to have a website. It not only helps with advertising but also with the business itself. Having a website is essential to every business, especially if that website has a lot of relevant content, engaging pages, reviews and a good rating.

Dispensary Websites

These type of websites are like no other. When a cannabis or CBD user searches for local dispensaries, they are looking for quick, relevant information to treat their ailment. Although the dispensary experience is new and often fun here in Oklahoma, most patients prefer to shop quickly and discreetly.

A website portfolio for a dispensary website design

Dispensary Design is a professional website designer and branding company for the cannabis industry.

A dispensary website should be the same. Fun, engaging, straight to the point and very professional. A CBD or medical marijuana website should not condone or promote recreationally “getting high,” even if recreational cannabis is legal in your state. The reason is the same with brewery websites, or beer manufacturers websites who do not promote “getting drunk,” or having a sloppy branding image.

Dispensaries are a serious business with a lot of moving parts, and it’s important to work with professionals who understand the online marketing and web design aspect of this industry to quickly and effectively get the word out, and get new professional customers to shop at the location.

Dispensary Website Reviews

Reviews and ratings are like the new form of word of mouth. When a would be customer wants to go visit a dispensary in Oklahoma they would most likely check online to see what shop to visit or consider going to, especially when you’re not the only dispensary on the block. Customers usually opt for the shop that has the best website, images, ratings and reviews.

The secret to having positive reviews is to have good search engine optimization (SEO) practices so that shoppers can find the business in Google searches. Once the customer arrives, it is vital to have a good and reliable salesperson that will really address the customers needs, and can build rapport with them. Building rapport with customers is very important because it shows that you really value customer satisfaction, and once it’s built, you can ask your customers if they would like to leave you an online review for your dispensary.

Once your website has a lot of positive reviews and high ratings, it will boost your ranking in Google search and it will attract more customers which means more sales for your business.